Whether you”™re opening a new business or making improvements to an existing location, the parking lot is an often-overlooked area that can benefit from professional painting. Many business owners dedicate resources to making the interior of the building sparkle, but the lot in which your customers park is just as important. Here, we share a few reasons why parking lot striping is a must for any commercial building.

Enhance the Appearance

After countless tire marks and hours of sun exposure, you”™ll notice that the once crisp parking lines are starting to look worse for wear. Many parking lots are in less than stellar shape, but any part of the property that”™s in disrepair reflects poorly on the establishment. Every detail matters, and buildings with clean, well-marked parking lots can improve your customers”™ experience right from the start of their visit.

Improve Safety

Busy lots are even more hectic to navigate when the lines are faded or have disappeared entirely. For best results, consider opting for wide, well-defined parking spaces, directional arrows, and crosswalks. If you”™d like to ensure the safety of those who visit the premises, get in touch with a crew of experienced painters who can help you achieve the outcome you”™re looking for.

Get the Most From the Space  

If the current parking lot is poorly designed, you may be unintentionally limiting the number of customers who can visit the building. To increase the number of spaces and improve the design, re-stripe the area with high-quality paint from reputable companies, such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. After creating and implementing detailed plans for the new lot layout, your visitors will benefit from an easier process when entering and exiting the parking space.

Provide ADA-Compliant Parking Spaces

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires public areas and businesses to offer easily accessible parking spaces for individuals with disabilities. These parking areas should be distinctly marked and easy to find, and a fresh coat of paint will help the space(s) stand out.

Your commercial building”™s parking lot is instrumental in creating the first impression for patrons and employees. Faded lines or inadequately marked lots are frustrating for all who stop by, but this issue can be easily remedied with a new paint job. Striping a parking lot isn”™t the best candidate for a DIY project, so we recommend working with a team of professional painters. We offer parking lot striping and lettering in the Boulder area, as well as a wide array of other painting services. If you”™d like to learn more, please reach out to our team.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license