Black never goes out of style, yet it isn”™t the most common interior or exterior home paint color on the block. Recently, this opaque tone has seen renewed interest, and over the past few years, has been listed as one of the top trending paint colors in Apartment Therapy, Dwell, The New York Times, and others. 

Homeowners may utilize this dramatic color to set their home apart from the neighbors, to highlight aspects of a particular architectural style, or to evoke a moodiness that can only be prompted by black. If you”™re considering painting the interior or exterior of your home any shade of this dark hue, here”™s what you need to know first. 

The Meaning of Black

Black is such a striking visual, because scientifically speaking, the dark void it presents is  absence of light (and therefore color). When applied to the exterior of a home, that house will immediately stand out against any backdrop. A home with a black exterior will pop brilliantly against fresh white snow, but it will also sparkle and glint in the noon-time sun on any summer day. 

This color communicates power, richness, and strength. During the Middle Ages, royalty adorned themselves and their palaces with black. Black also signals protest and provocation; it is noteworthy and will not be easily overlooked. 

Interior Black Paint 

If youӪre interested in dipping your toes into this darkened design scheme without fully taking the plunge, try painting a small alcove of your home first. See how you like it and consider how it fits with the rest of your interior d̩cor. Fortunately, black goes with virtually everything, even pairing well with more black.

Premium paint companies have released lines of high-quality black paints in a variety of shades so homeowners can find a hue that works well in their home”™s interior. These blacks fit well with modern interior architectural styles, as well as houses with plenty of natural light. Brightly colored furnishings, retro style, and vintage vibes receive a stylish boost from black accent walls or interior paint jobs. This rich color can even foster peace, tranquility, and safety to sacred spaces like bedrooms or meditation nooks.  

Exterior Usage 

Black accentuates angular, sharp lines on modern homes while reinvigorating aged, weathered brick houses. A perfect coat of black paint suddenly transforms a dilapidated one-story ranch into a sleek bungalow that feels as if it was transplanted from the shore of a Scandinavian fishing village. Black converts worn and outdated homes to newer, modern-looking oases. Even steel, wood, and vinyl-sided homes can benefit from a black exterior paint job. 

The dramatic tone bursts forth from the mountainous and prairie landscapes of Boulder and Longmont. It can even contribute to greater energy efficiency during the winter months, keeping your home cozy and comfortable. Regardless of your reason for choosing a black paint color, your home will reap numerous benefits from this redesign. 

Fordham and MacLean”™s exceptional Boulder and Longmont painters provide high-quality services, including a free color consultation. Explore your options with this complimentary service, and when you”™ve determined that black (or any color!) really is right for you, contact us again and we”™ll help you achieve your house painting dreams.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay.