The following is a guest post by Ryan Parker, owner/operator of Mod Paint Works.

Mod Paint Works

Mod Paint Works

A Different Kind of Value in Exterior Colors

There are many ways to add a statement of color to the exterior of your home. Here, we are discussing the importance of your home”™s exterior paint colors. From dark vs. light colors, to the exposure of your home and quality of paint you select ”“ your exterior paint colors are extremely important.

Dark vs. Light

Colors have different values. When we refer to the value of a color we are talking about the lightness and darkness. Also, within colors we have inorganic and organic colors (these might seem a little opposite, as they did to me). Inorganic colors are those that are ”˜earthy”™ ”“ beiges, browns, tans, mossy-greens, etc. Organic colors are reds, blues, greens and yellows ”“ more vibrant, intense colors.

When choosing your exterior paint colors, take the above information into consideration for increased longevity. Lighter, inorganic colors will last longer than darker, organic colors. This is based on dark (organic) colors absorbing more UV rays and, in turn, more heat. Darker colors are going to fade faster, absorb more heat creating more moisture or condensation.

They are still great to use, however, just understand that they will need to be repainted sooner and touch-ups become considerably more noticeable.

Exposure and Material Being Painted

A major factor in dryer, warmer climates is exposure to the sun and environmental elements. Here in Colorado, our environment is extreme. We go from 90+ degrees in the summer to highs in the 20”™s through the winter. On top of that, we are at a higher altitude, meaning the UV rays that reach us are far more intense.

Your South and West facing walls are going to take a greater beating than your North and East facing walls. Wind, rain, hail, and snow will tend to come from the West, while the sun is always located to our South. These surfaces will be the first to fade and breakdown, so choose wisely.

High-Quality Paint for Exteriorsearthy paint colors

If you have received estimates to have the exterior of your home painted, you know the difference in cost you will see from one contractor to another. This can be drastic and confusing. I will be honest, at Mod Paint Works we tend to be in the higher range of price for a majority of estimates provided. This is not only due to paying my paint techs extremely well, but also due to our commitment to use high-quality paints, especially on exterior surfaces.

I can”™t say it enough: use high-quality paint on the exterior of your home. Yes, high-quality paint is more expensive and can even double the cost of the paint charge reflected on your estimate. However, would you rather pay an extra $600 now, or another $3,000.00 to have your home repainted within 5 years?

I”™m not implying that all paint will fall apart in 5 years. What I am implying is that high-quality paints are made from higher quality ingredients. Better resins, bonding agents, colorants, and a tighter molecular build all combine to make high-quality exterior paints more than worth the money. You will absolutely gain a couple more years of durability, color retention, and most importantly, protection from the elements. Oh yeah, and the top-of-the-line paints typically come with a Lifetime Warranty!


Lean more towards inorganic colors of lighter value in a high-quality, exterior paint product. If you desire an organic, darker color (which I have to say I”™m partial to), just be aware that you will have to be ready to repaint sooner and be more proactive with maintaining the paint job (i.e., power washing). Choose the high-quality paint so you gain years of longevity from your exterior paint. Most importantly, hire a professional, proven contractor that understands the paint trade and product they sell and apply. Exterior paint is a big investment, offering bigger results!

About the Author: Mod Paint Works is a Denver area residential and commercial paint contractor, providing modern paint solutions for home and business owners across the Front Range. It is our sole mission to “Captivate by Paint”. We want to captivate the beauty of you and your home while providing durable, long-lasting finishes for years to come. All of this within a painless process designed to be easy you. Visit us at