color consultantIf you have recently built a new home or are remodeling your current one, you’ve probably relied on a bevy of professionals to get the job done right. From architects, framers, plumbers, electricians, to interior designers and artisans, perhaps even a decorator”¦there seems to be a professional for every thing. But have you thought about hiring someone to advise you on a color scheme for your room, or entire home for that matter?  Vision is one of the most dominating senses, and attractive color design can engage us in ways that other elements cannot. With that in mind, you may want to consider hiring a professional who can help bring to life exactly what you want your home to convey using paint.Color consultants are professionals who can help you choose color palette that creates the mood you want for a particular room. Consultants are always up to date on the latest painting techniques, have a pulse on what is happening in the color world, and know about future trends on the horizon. They are extremely knowledgeable about the complex effects of color psychology and can help you create a color solution for your space. Whether that is to make a bedroom more relaxing or a living room more inviting, color consultants take into account how the room is laid out and what can reasonably be accomplished with paint. If you are struggling with colors, consider hiring a consultant to approach your home with a fresh perspective.

When hiring a color consultant, remember to budget ample time and money. When you contact them, be sure to ask for an estimate of the hours and price needed to complete the project. Rates can vary from $75-200 an hour, while others may charge a flat fee of $200-400.

After you have priced out a professional, set up an initial consultation. This might include a brief walk-through of your home to get a feel for the layout and lighting. The consultant will then put together a proposed custom color palette with suggestions on where to paint and why you should do so. They might also suggest specific hues to use, as well as some to avoid. If the consultant encourages you to try a color that you are on the fence about, follow his or her advice. More likely than not, you will end up loving it.

It”™s also important to remember that you”™re an active part of the process. In order to come up with a color plan that you love, your input is vital.  However, keep in mind that you can change the color to anything you want. A color consultant is only there to help you explore new ideas and be exposed to something you might not have thought of. Once you”™re ready to implement your vision, be sure to use top-shelf paint, such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. This will ensure that your color consultant”™s ideas are fully realized, and that the paint job is long lasting.

We”™d love to be a part of the process. We offer free color consultations to all of our clients with an accomplished in-house artist. Contact us to find out how we can bring color to your home.