shouldIf you are in the process of home renovations it can be daunting to think about everything that needs to get done. Yard work, new appliances, painting, new flooring”¦the list never seems to end. To get started on your to do list you should first decide if you want to focus your efforts on the exterior or interior of your home. Another thing you must consider is how long you are planning to stay in your residence.  If you are renovating to stay in your home for functional purposes, your approach will be different than if you”™re renovating to get a higher price when you sell.

Analyze your rationale, needs, and budget for the renovations before you start any project. To find out how much the endeavor might cost, consider a renovation calculator. Calculators can help you estimate not only the cost, but may even show you how affordable a makeover can be, as well. Remember, in most markets a complete renovation only increases your value slightly, according to a report issued by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB). Pick projects that you know you can do in a timely manner and will add value to the property for years to come. Here”™s a breakdown of what to consider and what it will take to renovate both the exterior and interior of your home.


Two important things to take into consideration when freshening up the outside of a property are what you may want to remove or add to the landscaping. Do you want more trees or fewer? A lit walkway to your front door, or bigger flowerbeds and mulched areas, instead? If you are having trouble visualizing what something may look like, or don”™t have an idea of where to start, consider hiring a landscape architect to lay out the scope of your project. In fact, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, hiring a professional is one of the best investments for your home and can add up to 15% to the total home worth. Some other projects to consider may be to add new outdoor spaces, enrich existing views, apply exterior paint and stains, add to the garage, and even spruce up your drive way. Exterior renovations can add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.


On the inside, take into consideration the overall square footage of what you will be renovating. Will you be working on a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, updating the kitchen, the design and flow of the home, painting rooms, or just replacing the carpet? Once you know what you want to change, determine what to tackle first. Remember, you will most likely be living in the same space you are renovating so take care to outline when you are going to be working on something and how long it may take to complete. If a project is large and requires electrical or plumbing work, consider hiring a contractor. Check in with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of members in your area.

Small repairs and projects are a great way to determine what you may want to spend more time on down the road. Something as simple as a new coat of paint, inside and out, can give a fresh feeling. Replacing old, outdated, lighting can literally brighten up a space. Planting a new flower garden or a couple of trees can liven up any yard. Even installing new bathroom and kitchen hardware is an option if a total renovation is out of your budget.

Whatever you decide, be sure to plan it out before you begin. And when you do start, let us know, and we can give our best recommendations.