Commercial Space - How to Make a StatementFirst impressions speak volumes in the business world. A customer is likely to make a multitude of judgments based on what they see when they first walk in the door. Hiring a professional painting service is an excellent way to make sure your first impression is a good one. A team of pros can make sure your paint job reflects your values, representing your business how you see fit. A great way to maximize this effect is by painting an accent wall. (For those who are unfamiliar, an accent wall is any wall painted or decorated differently than a room’s other walls.)

Paint for Emotion

Colors evoke emotion, everything from negativity to pure bliss can be expressed with the proper color palette. While painting a room a solid color can bring out these feelings, painting an accent wall will capture the eye and better transmit the desired emotion to the viewer. Businesses tend to choose neutral colors for their commercial spaces, often shades of tan, beige, or brown, hoping that by staying neutral, no negative emotions will be produced. This often does stifle negativity, but it doesn”™t foster positivity, either. The result can be neutral at best, and a flat, uninspired work environment at worst.

By choosing bold colors for an accent wall, a business can manipulate emotions; it”™s a good way to forge an emotional bond with customers and employees alike. For example, painting an accent wall red can convey energy, fostering communication and discussion, but too much red conveys aggression. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness, a lighthearted mood associated with a relaxed atmosphere. Light shades of purple are seen as creative colors, and would thus be helpful in a marketing setting, but could be applied anywhere creative ambition needs nurturing. Remember, these colors are about both inspiring employees and setting the desired tone for the customer.

Show Your Worth

Because the eye is naturally drawn toward objects that stand out, using an accent wall is a great way to highlight any achievements your company has earned. If all goes well, a potential client will walk into the room and immediately be drawn to the accent wall, and by proxy, all of the things your company has accomplished. It”™s an effective way to tell clients your business is doing well, without having to verbalize it. Letting the customer come to that conclusion on their own will make you seem reputable in their mind, if not only in their subconscious.

Let Your Creative Side Shine

This idea is less focused than the previous two, and certainly more open to interpretation. Large or small, your commercial space is your own, and making it reflect that individuality can help you relate to customers or clients on a personal level. We recommend you keep it within the realm of your store”™s theme, but painting a custom pattern or design on an accent wall can foster a sense of openness, making you seem accessible and trustworthy.

If you enjoy sewing, why not have an accent wall painted to mimic your favorite quilting pattern? If hiking is your thing, paint an office wall with a natural scene. Even for large retail spaces, an accent wall painted in a unique pattern can break up the monotony of shopping and remind customers that your store is different from the rest. If you care enough to decorate creatively, chances are you care enough to provide superior customer service, as well.

Making your commercial space standout with an accent wall is a great way to show people that you”™re something special. In a world full of ever increasing competition, it”™s essential to get a leg up. Luckily, a can of paint can be a powerful tool, and it can help your space come into its own. Paint speaks volumes. Give us a call when you”™re ready for it to tell your story.