Top Tips for Painting Aluminum Siding

Aluminum SidingChances are, if your home was built during the 1940-1970s, you’re likely to have been graced with aluminum siding. After an increase in manufacturing capabilities, aluminum became a cheaper and relatively hassle-free alternative to the previously common wooden clapboard siding. The metal was chosen for its ease of application, durability, and long-lasting finish. After exposure to air, aluminum undergoes a chemical reaction and converts to aluminium oxide, forming an extremely hard coating that adds a layer of protection to your home. This, combined with the layer of baked on enamel that gives the siding its color, made for a material that is only just beginning to need serious maintenance several decades later. Luckily, the maintenance is more cosmetic than anything, and with proper care and professional expertise, aluminum siding can look brand new again. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint. (more…)


Creative Project Ideas for Your Leftover Paint

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Harman via Flickr - License

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Harman via Flickr – License

After a painting project is finished, we are often left with extra paint. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes the amount leftover is not enough to use on future projects. Mixing paint is also out of the question, because even the same color from different companies can have slightly different shades, tones, and hues that will not blend well. So we’re faced with a unique dilemma: what should we do with the leftovers? Luckily, after years on the job as Boulder’s premiere painters, we’ve come up with a few solutions. (more…)


Prepping Your Home Before the Painters Come

Photo Courtesy of Peg Syverson via flickr - License

Photo Courtesy of Peg Syverson via flickr – License

Prepping before painting a home can be a hassle for homeowners and painters alike. Paint jobs usually mean restricting time in certain areas of your home, making the room or rooms being painted off limits for at least one day. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that for both comfort and productivity’s sake, you need that room back in action as soon as possible. We empathize, and in fact, our main challenges are related directly to yours. Our top priority is making sure your paint job comes out flawless, while still respecting your space. We don’t like being in your way any more than you like being in ours. So in the interest of returning your house to normalcy in the shortest time possible, take a look at a few of our tips for prepping your home for painting before we arrive. (more…)


Why You Should Consider Painted Floors

Photo Courtesy of Abigail Batchelder via Flickr - License

Photo Courtesy of Abigail Batchelder via Flickr – License

Part of the joy of homeownership comes from being able to decorate your space in whatever way you see fit. Each home can be made truly unique, expressing the owner’s style, personality, and even emotions. Because not everyone has the same taste in home décor, we recommend looking outside the box for new ideas to give your home its own character. A personal favorite of ours is painting floors. Yes, many people have wooden floors that are stained, but many fewer have floors that are painted. When this technique is performed by a painter who is experienced in finishing floors, the end result is a uniquely beautiful surface that adds value to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of painted floors. (more…)