Photo Courtesy of Peg Syverson via flickr - License

Photo Courtesy of Peg Syverson via flickr – License

Prepping before painting a home can be a hassle for homeowners and painters alike. Paint jobs usually mean restricting time in certain areas of your home, making the room or rooms being painted off limits for at least one day. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that for both comfort and productivity”™s sake, you need that room back in action as soon as possible. We empathize, and in fact, our main challenges are related directly to yours. Our top priority is making sure your paint job comes out flawless, while still respecting your space. We don”™t like being in your way any more than you like being in ours. So in the interest of returning your house to normalcy in the shortest time possible, take a look at a few of our tips for prepping your home for painting before we arrive.

Move Your Furniture

This is a big one. Moving furniture to the middle of the room being painted can save hours of time. The issue arises when our crew has to move couches, chairs, and other large pieces away from the walls. We don”™t want to risk getting paint on any furniture, so we will move it if need be, but we also don”™t want to take any chance of damaging it. This includes when we”™re moving it. That couch might be from a budget furniture store, or it might hold extreme sentimental value. We can”™t tell either way, so we”™re forced to walk on eggshells when moving any and all furniture, and moving furniture carefully takes time.

As a bonus, if we”™re painting the ceilings, please try to remove as much furniture as possible from the room. We can cover it, but it’s always safer to remove it. This same advice holds true for any expensive electronics.

Plan Your Sleeping Arrangements

While this is more of a general piece of advice, it is important, nonetheless. If you plan on having a bedroom painted, make alternative sleeping arrangements before we arrive. Chances are high that you won”™t want to sleep in a freshly painted bedroom; unpleasant paint fumes and the likelihood of accidentally touching fresh paint will serve as a deterrent. With this in mind, please remove the mattress prior to our arrival if you need it to sleep elsewhere. As we mentioned earlier, we don”™t want to be in your way, and we want to minimize the inconvenience to you.

Pro tip: Remove everything off of your bedroom walls, and cover any nightstands or dressers with plastic. If the closet is to be painted, please remove everything from it. We understand the value of your personal belongings, and we want to avoid the risk of damage.

Trim Trees or Shrubs

Shifting our focus to prepping for painting the outside of the home, please trim shrubs and trees away from the house before we arrive. Overgrown shrubs can make it very difficult to paint ground level areas of your home, while trees can make our job outright dangerous. It may also affect the final outcome, as overhanging limbs may hinder the ability to access certain areas that need to be painted.

We know it”™s not always easy sacrificing a room to the painters, but we promise the end result will be worth it. If you keep these tips in mind when you”™re preparing for our arrival, you can have us in and out of your space in no time. We”™re in this together. Excellent execution and efficient work is a benefit to us, as well as to you. If you”™re in the market for a painting service in Boulder, Colorado, give us a call. We value your time and space as much as our own.