There”™s no doubt that you”™re interested in finding the best high quality paint products for your upcoming painting project. Many folks assume that the highest priced paints must be ideal for any home improvement endeavor, but this usually isn”™t the case. In fact, many of the most expensive paints available are difficult to work with and can leave you feeling frustrated with the results. Here, we”™ll cover a few of the common problems with high-end lines and offer suggestions that we”™ve tested and recommend.

An Overview of Low or No VOC Paints 

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, were once an expected ingredient in most interior and exterior paints. Even small concentrations of VOCs can lead to adverse health effects, such as eye irritation or headaches. In response to a growing demand for “greener” products, many paint manufacturers have started to produce low or no VOC waterborne options. Some of our favorite companies, including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, now primarily offer low or no VOC products. However, it”™s important to keep in mind that even though most modern paints are environmentally friendly, not all of them offer the same performance. Here, we”™ll cover the common problems associated with high-end natural paints.

Issues With Expensive Low or No VOC Paints 

If you”™re planning a project, you”™re probably eager to get the process started. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you may initially gravitate toward expensive versions like the Natura or Aura lines by Benjamin Moore (or similar products). These are considered top of the line and are nearly double the price of our favorites like Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 (which is used for projects like walls and ceilings). However, we find that they”™re difficult to use and deliver less than desirable outcomes. In general, we believe that the majority of expensive waterborne paints are difficult to handle and touch up. The high-end no VOC paint might work out well if you have lots of time and patience to spare, but most professional painters agree that these products aren”™t ideal for creating quality results that last.

Other Options to Consider 

For those of you who”™d like to avoid exceptionally pricey products but still achieve the look you”™re hoping for, it”™s helpful to have other alternatives to consider. Since most paints have evolved to be more environmentally friendly, you won”™t experience any ill effects from our go-to favorites. We”™ve already mentioned ProMar 200 by Sherwin-Williams, but that”™s not our only preference. As professional painters with 40 years of experience in the industry, we”™ve tried quite a few different products. Right now, we enjoy using the Eco Spec line by Benjamin Moore for walls and ceilings, and their ADVANCE interior paint options for trim, doors, and cabinets. The ADVANCE line, in particular, provides exceptional user-friendliness, easy cleanup, and a beautiful, hard-coat finish. If you”™d like to have your project completed as quickly as possible, ADVANCE paints are certainly worth considering. After extensive hands-on time with this product, we”™ve discovered that this paint dries quickly (sometimes in as little as 20 minutes) and requires fewer coats to leave a rich finish.

Even a small paint job requires quite a bit of planning. If you”™d love to treat your home or office to a fresh new look and avoid the stress of painting, please don”™t hesitate to reach out to our team. We offer unparalleled customer service and thorough, reliable results.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0 license