Properly stained or painted exterior decks can add beauty and utility to your yard, but it can just as easily drag down the appearance of your home if it”™s left untreated for years. If you”™d like to give this component an upgrade, follow the guidelines we share here, or opt for help from an experienced crew of painters.

Preparing the Deck 

Before you start the refinishing process, you”™ll need to closely examine the area. If you notice protruding nails, splinters, or rotting wood, correct these issues first. Deck staining is only effective when the canvas is clean, smooth, and free from damage. After you”™ve removed any protrusions and replaced rotting or split boards, it”™s time to move on to the cleaning process. In most cases, power washing is the recommended method of removing dirt and debris from the surface. If you”™re not comfortable using a power washer, be sure to get in touch with a professional. Too much pressure can damage the wood, while too little pressure won”™t adequately clean the area. After the deck has been thoroughly washed, allow the wood to dry completely.

Selecting Materials 

It”™s possible to achieve the desired results from either staining or painting a deck, so it”™s up to you to determine which you prefer. If you”™re hoping to bring out the natural color of the wood, staining will be your safest bet. On the other hand, painting a deck allows you to have total freedom in choosing the color. There”™s no shortage of options to choose from, so if you”™re unsure which product is ideal for your needs, consult with your favorite home improvement store or call a qualified painting company. Choosing the right type of stain, paint, or sealant will improve the chances of attaining excellent results that last, so it”™s usually advised to work with a professional to ensure that you”™re pleased with the outcome. Keep in mind that different types of wood may call for a specific stain or paint, which can complicate the process if you”™ve never attempted to refinish a deck before.

How Often to Refinish the Deck 

There are many factors at play when it comes to the condition of your exterior deck. If it”™s a high-traffic area or you regularly host outdoor get-togethers, you”™ll likely need to refinish this area every two to three years.

Refinishing a deck can be a lengthy process. From power washing to selecting the ideal paint or stain, there”™s quite a bit of work involved. If you”™re short on time, it may be best to trust a professional painting crew for this project. Our team has extensive experience in serving the Boulder community, and we”™d love to help you achieve the ideal look for your property. To schedule a consultation, don”™t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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