The summer season is a great time of year to make improvements to your home. If you”™re hoping to modernize your property without decimating your home improvement budget, painting is an excellent way to achieve the results you”™re looking. A simple coat of paint can transform the interior or exterior of your property and breathe new life into a bland or boring room. Before you grab a paintbrush, however, be sure to consider the following guidelines when painting indoors. If you”™re short on time or feel overwhelmed by any of the preparation tips listed here, it may be best to opt for a professional paint job.

How Heat Affects Paint

While Colorado experiences pleasant weather in the summertime, warmer temperatures mean faster drying times for paint. If you”™re confident in your painting ability and move through the process quickly, you may enjoy touching up interior walls during the summer months. If you”™ve never attempted to paint an interior room before, you may experience frustration, as mistakes are more difficult to correct once paint dries.

Be Sure to Prep Properly

No matter what type of project you have in mind, it”™s crucial to thoroughly prep the area before beginning painting. Washing and sanding walls will take a few hours to complete, but it”™s well worth the extra effort. After cleaning and smoothing off the surface, double check the area for nail holes, scratches, or other imperfections. If you notice any issues, correct them with caulk or spackling. Don”™t forget to use a high-quality primer””you may have heard that painted walls don”™t need to be primed before undergoing their next coat of paint, but this a myth. Primer will improve the adhesion of all painting projects and shouldn”™t be skipped.

Test the Finish Before Applying

Once you”™ve completed the prep work, you may be excited to move on to the final step: painting. Since painting is a significant home improvement endeavor, it”™s important to carefully consider the products that you”™ll use. Ideally, you”™ll be satisfied with the color and finish that you select and will sit back and admire the results. Whether you”™re painting by yourself or consulting with professionals, be sure to explore finishes that are available to you. If you choose a paint that”™s too glossy or matte for your taste, you”™ll probably be ready for a change sooner than you”™d like.

If you”™re looking forward to upgrading your home this summer, we can help. Instead of using your vacation days on time-consuming renovations, let us do the hard work of prepping and painting. To schedule a free color consultation or learn more about our process, don”™t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license