Fall is just around the corner, so you may be looking for a way to spruce up your homeӪs appearance for the new season. Door decorations are fun to make, and these brightly-colored d̩cor pieces instantly add flair to your property. Interested in welcoming fall with some beautiful door art? Here, we share a few of our favorite fall door decorating ideas.

Repaint the Door For Fall

Before adding some festive d̩cor, begin your homeӪs transformation by touching up the front door. This feature is instrumental in making a first impression, so itӪs essential to ensure that the paint is fresh and vibrant. If youӪre hoping to add a touch of personality to the property, consider opting for a bold color, such as Classic Burgundy by Benjamin Moore. This shade is an excellent choice for the fall season, and itӪll make your home stand out all year long.

A Chalkboard Message on a Wood Slice

If you”™re a fan of rustic charm, create a quick, DIY chalkboard on a slice of wood. These materials should be easy to find at your local craft store, and they”™re inexpensive, too. When you”™re ready to change the message as the seasons turn, just grab an eraser and chalk to write your new greeting.

Hang a Burlap Sack With Fall Foliage

Fall in Colorado is gorgeous, and there are plenty of ways to display a glimpse of our state”™s natural beauty on your doorstep. To show off your enthusiasm for autumn, pin a burlap sack that”™s filled with fall foliage to the front door. Whether the bag is filled with miniature pumpkins, flowers, or colorful leaves, everyone who visits your home will notice the seasonal touch.

Keep It Simple With a Wheat Sheaf  

If you”™re short on time or prefer a minimalist look, you can”™t go wrong with a classic wheat sheaf centerpiece.This foliage is reminiscent of fall, and its beige coloring complements most paint colors perfectly. This simple DIY project only takes a few minutes, and the finished product instantly brightens up your home for autumn.

Wooden Door Tags

Wooden door tags are a great way to spread a cheerful message without going overboard on materials. These décor pieces are casually elegant, and you can customize them however you”™d like. Whether you choose to relay a message of thanks in whimsical scrawl or opt for bold lettering, wooden tags are a beautiful way to usher in the fall season. They”™re also great for winter–just add some metallic ribbon or holly to transition to the holiday season.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to get festive. If youӪd like to try out one or more of these decoration ideas, be sure to treat the front door to a fresh coat of paint. Regardless of the d̩cor piece that you choose, a front door thatӪs faded or chipped will diminish the appearance of the property. If youӪd like to freshen up the look of your home, our experienced team is here to help. WeӪve worked with Boulder-area homeowners for more than 40 years, and we can provide excellent interior and exterior results. To get started with a free color consultation, please give us a call.