Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen cabinets provide the focal point for the entire room. They help frame the space, communicate the style, and are used day in and day out. Wear and tear are quite common and kitchen cabinets tend to show the age of the kitchen. If you have wood cabinets, you”™re in luck; it”™s the easiest cabinet surface to paint.

Love the look of natural materials? Showcase the wood with a stain and glaze. Staining the wood will enhance its original color and disguise any imperfections. Many people choose to glaze over the stain, which gives the cabinets added sheen and creates a more traditional kitchen look.

For a modern or even eclectic feel, opt for a bright color, grounding neutral or soft white cabinet color. These color palettes can transform the kitchen into a gathering place perfect for dinner parties and entertaining without adding too much chaos. Make sure the paint color you choose complements your counters, floors, and appliances. Grays, navy blue, and even inky black cabinet colors are increasing in popularity and can add warmth and calm to a highly trafficked space.

Milk paint is a somewhat new trend and adds a vintage or farmhouse feel to the kitchen. Friendly on your budget and the environment, this non-toxic paint uses milk as a binder. Milk paint has a matte finish and should be covered with a protective top coat to avoid stains from grease and oil.

Trending Paint Colors

Kitchens don”™t have to be white, but a fresh coat of white paint on the walls can provide the perfect canvas for colorful cabinets, unique finishes, and pops of color splashed in other places around the kitchen.

Pale yellow and buttercream provide a bit more warmth than white, and add a sunny, bright feel to the space without adding any disorder. Navy, baby blue, coral, or gold fixtures and décor go well with this color, although almost any color palette can work with this gentle, soft color.

Dark gray-green adds an element of earth and complements natural materials, stainless steel or slate appliances, and light-colored counter tops. Perfect for Colorado kitchens, this warm color is great for kitchens with picture windows that allow in plenty of natural light.  

An earthy red works well as an accent wall to add a pop of color and exotic feel. Moroccan, Spanish, or Bohemian inspired designs and finishes can create an intriguing gathering space. Avoid sensory overload by using soft neutrals in other areas. Light, natural material, and shelves instead of cabinets work well to open the space up and allow this home interior painting to speak for itself.

Whether you”™re looking to get more enjoyment out of your current kitchen or needing to upgrade the space to ensure a more profitable sale, replacing outdated fixtures and repainting cabinets and walls can make your kitchen feel like it just received an entire remodel.

At Fordham & MacLean, we pride ourselves in helping you achieve your interior design dreams. If a kitchen makeover is in your future, our professional Boulder painters provide a free color consultation so you can better visualize the finished product and head back to the drawing board if it”™s different than what you envisioned. We”™re with you every step of the way to ensure your design vision becomes a reality.