When designing a stunning room, most home owners tend to focus on the interior décor, flooring, and wall color. However, an often overlooked but equally important piece of any room is its ceiling. Just look up. Is yours a plain beige, egg-shell, or muted off-white? It might be time for a home interior painting touch up that adds some life to your space. Painting the ceiling can effortlessly tie your room together and give it a vibrant personality. Here are some modern painted ceiling styles and colors to try during your next interior re-do.

Raise the Roof without Construction Costs

If your current space is small and feeling a little cramped, consider adding some space with a couple coats of paint. When paired with lighter colored walls, darker shades of gray, brown, and other warm neutrals help eliminate boundaries in the room, making the space feel larger and more expansive. Consider Benjamin Moore”™s Chelsea Gray or Kendall Charcoal for a touch of elegance.

Contrary to popular belief, these dark colors will generally not make the room feel claustrophobic; instead, they”™ll usually create a high-ceiling effect. Enlarge the feeling of your dining room or den without a lengthy and expensive construction project.

Themed Ceiling Designs Inspire Wonder

Perfect for your child”™s playroom, reading nook, or sunroom, a themed ceiling takes the entire feel of the room to new heights. Perhaps your daughter wants to sleep under a blanket of stars, or the nursery is garden themed with a cloudy sky as its backdrop. A painted ceiling that incorporates a mural or design adds whimsy and wonder to these special rooms.

Glossy Finishes Add Class

There”™s nothing wrong with a white ceiling. However, you can kick your white ceiling up a notch with a high-gloss finish and your room will instantly become brighter. Perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts or those who love pops of color, the glossy white ceiling will give the room a polished finish.

High-gloss paint can be hard to work with, as it shows every imperfection. Hiring a professional painter would be in your best interest to guarantee a perfect finish.

Solid Colors Anchor and Attract

Consider your ceiling as a fifth wall, a potential focal point, and a blank canvas to accentuate your room”™s theme or style. In a dark room, a white ceiling may help open up the space and provide a perfect balance to the colors. Light colored walls, or the increasingly popular white, modern kitchen, can benefit from a dose of color. Try Sherwin-Williams Lemon Twist or Innocence for a vintage feel.

You can also implement a solid colored ceiling as a backdrop for dramatic light fixtures. Instead of competing with ornate chandeliers or funky hanging lamps, the solid color backdrop will provide a pallet that makes each light fixture pop. Solid colored ceilings are also the perfect complement to whimsical wallpaper, photo galleries, and original artwork.

If you”™re in the mood to spruce up your space, painting the ceiling can be just the way to breathe new life into your home. From solid colors, to murals, and everything in between, your ceiling is a blank canvas waiting for life.

Painting a ceiling can be difficult, backbreaking work and many of us put it off until our ceiling really needs it. Our team of home interior painting professionals are here to help. Finding colors that complement your current décor and color pallet is our specialty and we offer free color consultations to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Give us a call today!