If there’s one thing we have learned in our work as a Boulder exterior painter, it’s that painting the exterior of your home is a worthwhile project that greatly improves the overall aesthetic of the property. However, home exterior painting involves a fair deal of prep work before ever dipping your brush in paint. Here are the most important preparatory steps to take when planning to paint the exterior of your home. 

Wash Your House

Most homeowners live in their houses for years without ever executing this important step. Your house gets dirty throughout years of weathering the elements. Dirt, grime, cobwebs, and more can take up residence on your home”™s façade. An in-depth pressure wash will easily remove years of grime and provide a smooth surface on which to eventually paint. 

Scrape Away Chipped Paint

You want your home to have a smooth finish once the exterior painting is all said and done. Over time, paint cracks and chips, causing uneven surfaces. Wait until your home is completely dry from the pressure wash. Then, take a paint scraper and examine the entire surface of your home, scraping away paint chips as you find them. If you scrape while the home is wet, you will no doubt welcome more chips when the paint dries. 

Apply Caulk to Cracks and Gaps

Similar to scraping the chipped paint away, applying caulk to any large cracks or gaps between clapboard or vertical seams ensures an even surface on which to apply paint. Be careful not to caulk intentional gaps left for ventilation purposes. Fill cracks and wipe away excess caulk, then allow plenty of time for the caulking to set and dry. 

Trim Shrubbery and Trees 

Cut back overgrown brush or hire a tree trimming service to remove branches that push up against your home. This will give you plenty of space to move around your home while painting. Similarly, remove debris and organic detritus away from the base of your home so you can have clear access to paint the entire visible structure. 

Mask Off Necessary Sections 

To avoid getting paint on your windows or doors, mask off these areas with painter”™s tape. If using an airless spray gun, it”™s especially crucial to cover nearby cars, porches, or balconies with painter”™s plastic. This also creates crisp lines around your home”™s trim and really makes beautiful windows and ornate doors pop against the fresh coat of paint. 

Spending money on improving your property is one of the best investments you can make. Spruce up your home”™s exterior and increase its curb appeal with a new paint color. At Fordham and MacLean, we understand the importance of a flawless exterior paint job. Our experienced Boulder painters are meticulous and detailed, spending just as much time on the prep as the actual house painting. If you are looking for a Boulder exterior painter, contact us and we”™ll help you achieve a perfectly painted home exterior.