For a budget-friendly interior redesign that breathes new life into any home, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. Entire rooms are reborn via a beautiful, vibrant paint color with little fuss, expenditure, and mess to the homeowner. What”™s more, house painting can also spruce up flooring, no matter the material. If your home”™s interior boasts a floor you are less than fond of, consider applying a coat of paint. Here”™s everything you should know about floor painting.

Prep Work is Key 

When painting your floors, prepping the surface is a crucial first step in ensuring an unflawed outcome. No matter the material ”” wood, tile, concrete, etc. ”” you”™ll need to first clean and buff the entire surface. Concrete and recently refinished wood floors may prove trickier and could need stripping before any paint is applied. Next, test the paint in a small, inconspicuous area to see how porous the floor surface is. Older woods, laminate, or porous concrete can soak up paint and you”™ll need to adjust your paint choice accordingly to guarantee even coverage.   

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

Consider the overall design of the room”™s interior when selecting a color for the floor. When unpainted, floors remain understated backdrops to a home”™s aesthetic. However, when painted, especially with a distinctive color or finish, the floor may steal the show. If you would like an inexpensive, effective remodel, choose a color that already harmonizes with your existing color scheme.

Select a Finish According to Use and Tone

Do you prefer a floor that shines, reflecting a room”™s natural light, or would you like a matte-finished floor that makes its own unique statement? Consider the tone of the room when selecting a finish for your painted floors. In a highly trafficked area, a matte floor may work better to show less wear and tear. To elevate luxury and elegance, a high-gloss finish would be the cherry on top of a stately interior.

Plan Accordingly

In other words, don”™t paint yourself into a corner. There”™s no avoiding the floor. Make sure to plan your floor painting job accordingly when members of the household are out, or the room doesn”™t need to be used. Homeowners should wait at least 24 hours before stepping on it. Keep in mind a plan of escape so you can exit the room without ruining the fresh paint job.

Hire a Pro

Many homeowners take on the daunting task of painting interior flooring without considering how time-consuming each task can be. Simply cleaning and buffing the floors may take an unexperienced and unprepared homeowner an entire day. Professional painters have the tools and skills to complete the prep work in considerably less time. We have many interior floor painting jobs under our belts and can perfectly execute your vision.

Fordham & MacLean”™s skilled and seasoned painters offer superb house painting services to the greater Boulder area. Our experts handle prep work, painting, and cleanup at an affordable cost and guarantee our final product to exceed your expectations. For all your house painting needs, contact us today.