Exterior Finishes for Wood

exterior wood

Work completed by Fordham & MacLean Painters

Wood is a very simple building material, yet due to its unique characteristics, it can be used for a variety of exterior building applications. Without protection, however, wood can deteriorate easily due to sun and moisture exposure. Applying a finish to the exterior wood of your home can enhance its appearance and prevent deterioration.

More often than not though, exterior finishes for wood are short lived in durability. This is due to the wrong kind of finish being applied to the wood surface or to not following recommended application procedures. It is important to try and properly maintain the finish on the outside of your home in order to reduce your overall spending costs.

The following are tips you can apply when finishing the exterior wood of your home:



How to Choose the Right Stain for Your Deck

deckThe deck wood surface takes the maximum brunt of the elements and needs to be stained at regular intervals to protect it from damage. With several types of stains and paints available exclusively for outdoor purposes, it becomes very difficult to make a selection. While each type may have its own benefits, a careful consideration of the advantages and drawbacks of each can help you make the right decision.