Home Painted by Fordham & MacLean Painters

Home Painted by Fordham & MacLean Painters

If you”™re ready to paint your home but have no idea what colors to use, the following paint trends may help you make a decision:

Exterior Paint Trends

Paint trends show a clear sign of moving towards earthy colors. Homeowners are getting back to nature and choosing more soothing colors to paint the outside of their homes.

Soft reds, greens, and browns are extremely popular, as are muted golds and yellows. Even gray is making a comeback, and not just for houses near the sea. Muted red and brown for houses surrounded by woods is quickly rising to the top when it comes to color choices. Greens and pale golds are taking off in more suburban areas.

These quieter colors do not mean exterior paint trends for 2013 are boring. On the contrary, the paint industry continues to evolve in technology and color-saturation techniques. The colors that are being produced are rich in tone and luxurious on the eye.

We, and other painting professionals, recommend that homeowners consider the following before they choose the exterior color for their home:

1. Pick the main color theme before you choose the color for trim work and doors. To do that, consider your home’s style. Craftsman style and cottages often look best in rich earthy tones, such as browns and greens. Capes and colonials tend to look best in lighter tones. However, that’s not to say you can’t have a pale gold Craftsman or a brown colonial. In the end, choose a color that you like and can live with for a few years.

2. We recommend that homeowners use lighter color on the trim work. Trim work includes window trim, gutters, and downspouts. Painting gutters and downspouts the same color as the window trim will help them fade into the background.

3. Doors and shutters are where you put the accent color. You can have a lot of fun with this color, and can really make your home stand out on your block. Bold accent colors that richly contrast the rest of the house add personality and pizzazz to your home.

Interior Paint Trends

Image Courtesy of Trendecoration

Image Courtesy of Trendecoration

Interior paint trends for 2013 are a little harder to track, but they seem to be following exterior paint trends. Muted browns and golds are very popular right now. So are relaxing greens, blues and yellows. Pale rose and violet colors continue to grow in popularity as well.

Some of the other hot interior paint trends for 2013 include:

1. Stencils and other designs: Gone are the days when stenciling was only for border work. Homeowners today are creating layers of stenciling for everything from the living room to the bathroom.

2. The most popular dining room colors are lavender and blue. These colors come in a wide range of shades, which makes it easy to find just the right one.

3. Frosted colors are gaining in popularity. These colors include jade, green and gray velvet colors. They are popular for entire rooms, but many homeowners love the mood they create when used on interior trim work.

Finding the right color to express yourself at home can seem challenging, but remember: the more you know, the better your choices will be.

Still unsure of your decision or overwhelmed by your choices? Give us a call and we”™ll be happy to advise you!