curb appeal

Photo Courtesy of John Manuel via Wikimedia Commons – License

If your home is a castle, your front door is its centerpiece. As the entrance to your world, you want it to stand out, making a good first impression on visitors. A door can be personable; warm and inviting, or bold and beautiful. Your entrance personifies your life, so it’s your choice what traits it displays. But at the very least, it needs a quality coat of paint. That”™s where we come in. Below are a few painting tips to take your curb appeal to the next level.

Prepare First

It might seem mundane, but correctly preparing a front door for painting is essential to ensuring your entryway”™s personality shines through for as long as possible. The easiest way to work on a door is to remove it from the frame, and then remove accessories like peepholes and doorknobs. After this is completed flaking paint must be removed. Sandpaper can be used on wooden doors and a wire brush on metal ones.

Once sanding is completed, a crucial point is reached, where we believe proceeding in a specific order is paramount. First, remove any remnants from sanding, or wire brush shavings, that may be left over (a garden hose or damp cloth work well) Next, apply a coat of primer before caulking any seams that don”™t appear water tight. This is very important, as primer allows for better paint adhesion, protection from the elements, and adheres to caulk better than unfinished wood. Only after the caulk has dried should you begin to paint.


A front door can”™t express anything if it blends into the rest of the home. Choosing a paint color that contrasts the rest of your home can bring an entryway its own flair. Color tones can be used to convey personality traits; a white door on a yellow home may give off a sunny disposition, while a black door on a beige home can appear strong and confident. Painting door trim can further accentuate an entryway. Pick a non-traditional color and draw visitors”™ eyes toward door design features, such as decorative windows. Trim can also be color matched with entryway decorations, emphasizing a front door that much more.


This may go without saying, but being original is the best way to stand out. A front door should exude the homeowner’s personality, not the personality of every house on the block. If the neighbors have white front doors, paint yours red (within reason to the rest of your home”™s color). If their trim matches their planter boxes, match yours to your shoe mat. Or better yet, forego door trim altogether. Add stand-alone decorations to your entryway in lieu of trim, and have those painted to match your door.

The options and freedoms for entryway designs are limitless. Quality paint choices can ensure that your home”™s front door will speak to the masses. If you”™re interested in bringing your front door to life, consider giving us a call. We”™ll get your entryway turning heads in no time.