Summertime is almost here, and it”™s the perfect season to get outdoors and give your home some attention. The winter months are rough on exterior paint, and you may have noticed that your property”™s exterior color looks a bit faded after being subject to months of cold temperatures and snow. Whether you”™re planning to sell your house soon or you hope to stay for years to come, any home”™s appearance will benefit from a fresh coat of exterior paint. Here”™s what you need to know before attempting this project (or hiring a professional.)

Areas of Focus

If your home”™s exterior paint is showing signs of wear and tear, transform its curb appeal by treating it to a new paint job. Glossing over the front door, shutters, and siding are all excellent choices if you”™re not looking to go all-out with a complete home makeover. Since warmer temperatures lead to faster drying times, it”™s important to be confident about the paint color and finish that you choose. Once the paint dries, it”™ll be more difficult to correct if you discover that you”™re not satisfied with the results. Before you begin the lengthy process of prepping and painting, be sure to browse for color scheme ideas. If you”™re not sure which color or finish would best complement your home, our crew offers free color consultations, so please feel free to reach out to find the perfect palette for your project.

Pick Up the Right Materials

Exterior painting requires much more than just applying a fresh coat of paint over the surface. When done correctly, a project performed with high-quality paint should last for several years. In order to get the most out of your paint job, make it a priority to spend time on preparation details.Thoroughly washing and sanding the area is a must, as well as selecting an oil-based primer made specifically for exterior projects. The process will take several hours from start to finish, so be sure to wear plenty of sun protection when working outdoors.

If you have other exciting plans for the summertime but you”™d like to come home to a beautiful property, consider hiring a team of professional painters. Our experienced team has served the Boulder area for 40 years, and we”™re happy to help you achieve the results you”™d like for your home. The summer season is excellent for painting outdoors, as the warmer temperatures and low humidity allow paint to dry quickly and evenly. To get started on your summer to-do list without having to put in hours of extra effort, give us a call.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license