Choosing paint colors for your home offers freedom to express your personality, but it”™s often more of a challenge to select the best hue for your retail store. The color you choose for your business can have a considerable impact on customers”™ first impressions, and studies have shown that certain shades can even influence mood. If you”™re looking to set the perfect tone for your business, consider our tips for choosing the ideal paint color.  

Evaluate Your Customers”™ Demographics

When designing and decorating your retail location, it”™s crucial to evaluate the demographics of your customer base. If you cater to one specific age group, gender, or area of interest, make an effort to present your retail space in a way that reflects your clients. For example, if you run a store for teens or young adults, you may want to avoid neutral colors and opt for a bolder shade. On the other hand, stores that serve all demographics will likely perform best when they”™re painted with universally attractive colors, such as Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams or Shale by Benjamin Moore. 

Consider Your Industry

Selecting the right shade of paint for your business can be intimidating, but you can simplify the decision by finding what customers might associate your industry with. If youӪre the owner of a department store (or another type of business that sees a variety of customers), it might be best to stick with inviting neutrals to soften the look of a large retail space. On the other hand, specialty boutiques that hope to attract a specific audience may have good results with getting adventurous when it comes to paint color and d̩cor.

Design the Space to Showcase Your Brand

Learning more about customer demographics and determining colors associated with your industry are important, but you should feel free to choose a shade that reflects your brand. If your goal is to build a brand that”™s instantly recognizable, the color scheme that you select for the retail space will represent the essence of your business.

The color that you choose for your retail store will solidify first impressions and highlight the personality of your business. If you”™re struggling to find the perfect hue, our team at Fordham & MacLean is here to help. We offer free color consultations so you can feel confident about moving forward with the painting process. Once you”™ve decided on a color scheme, our crew of professional painters will handle the project with care to provide excellent results. To get started, please give us a call or reach out online.

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