If you”™d like to add some personality to your home, a chic accent wall is a great way to achieve a bold, eye-catching look. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any room, and a pop of unexpected color makes for an excellent conversation starter when hosting guests. Interested in exploring the color possibilities to brighten up your house? Here are a few of our favorite statement-making hues:

Merlot Red by Benjamin Moore

For those who love rich jewel tones, Merlot Red by Benjamin Moore could be an excellent choice. This deep red is perfect for adding some spice to the kitchen, and can make the room feel warm and inviting. Adventurous shades often make a room look “busy,” but glossing over just one wall with a wash of color is a good alternative for homeowners who want some extra flair without overwhelming the area. Take a look at Merlot Red and related colors here.

Metallic Silver by Benjamin Moore

If you want to use an accent wall to amp up the aesthetic of your home, try a high-shine metallic lacquer. Metallic Silver by Benjamin Moore offers an exquisite color payoff, and its unique finish is dazzling in any room of the house. For those looking to draw inspiration and tap into creativity, try treating your home office to a silvery accent wall.

Izmir Purple by Sherwin-Williams  

Romantic colors like pink or purple can soften the look of a room, but you may prefer to avoid using these vivid shades on every wall. Instead, you can brighten up the space with an accent wall in Izmir Purple by Sherwin-Williams.This royal purple tone is ideal for use in an area with a large window, and you may find that spending time in a room with this shade will instantly calm your mood.

Loyal Blue by Sherwin-Williams  

Pale or grey-blue is a classic choice for creating a soothing space. If you love blue hues but you”™d like to go bold, consider using Sherwin-Williams’ Loyal Blue for your accent wall. This gorgeous shade is reminiscent of lapis, and will add a sophisticated touch to the room of your choice. Loyal Blue pairs especially well with soft neutrals, so if you”™re going for a home makeover, you may enjoy placing this color adjacent to Grecian Ivory walls.

Choosing the best paint for the job can be a challenge, and that”™s only the first step of the process. If you”™d prefer to get professional-grade results without lifting a finger, get in touch with our team. We”™ve worked with Boulder homeowners for 40 years, and we”™re confident that we can deliver the look you”™ve been dreaming of. We offer free color consultations before we begin your home”™s transformation, so give us a call when you”™re ready to get started.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license