Whether you”™ve just moved into your new home or you”™re exploring ways to upgrade the house that you”™ve lived in for years, painting is an economical way to transform any room of the property. If you”™re hoping to add some personality to your living space, you may be interested in working with a team of professional painters. Projects like wall texturing or stenciling yield beautiful results, but this endeavor requires experience, time, and patience. Interested in learning more about wall treatments and textures? Below, you”™ll find a few of the most popular types of wall textures to enhance a home”™s appearance:

Textured Paint

Most walls have imperfections, and using textured paint is a great way to mask blemishes that a glossy lacquer would draw attention to. While popcorn ceilings of decades past might spring to mind when you think of textured paint, don”™t immediately shy away from adding an unexpected touch of personality. Texture that”™s mixed into the paint is becoming a popular look for rustic homes, and makes an interesting addition to a formal dining room or office. Paint that resembles concrete or plaster can upgrade the look of your home, but we recommend limiting its use to low-traffic areas. Highly textured paint is a bit more fragile than traditional finishes, and it”™s also more difficult to touch up if a scratch or scuff occurs.

Swirled Pattern

For an eye-catching texture that resembles clouds, give the swirl drywall technique a try. This finish is a fun choice for ceilings, and is an excellent choice for kids”™ rooms. The swirled texture can be a challenging project, but when done correctly, this pattern will make walls or ceilings pop.


If there”™s a room in your house that could use a dramatic makeover, consider the sponging method to add depth and texture. With this technique, you can choose complementary or contrasting colors to give the room a marbled effect. To take a look at a few examples, please visit this website.

Regardless of the texture or effect you choose for your home, each paint job requires hours of planning and labor. To skip the tedious steps and enjoy outstanding results, give our team a call. With more than 40 years in business, we”™re well-versed in any type of paint job that you have in mind. From textured works of art in the home to commercial parking lot striping, we have you covered. When you”™re ready to start the process, reach out to our team to receive a free color consultation.

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