Looking for a cost effective way to transform your home”™s aesthetic? A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in your home”™s appearance, and certain colors can even make a room appear more spacious. Before you begin painting or hire a professional to handle the task, it”™s important to understand why primer is a must for any paint job. Here, we share the purpose of primer and offer a few tips to help your paint job last for years to come.

What is Primer?

Primer is designed to create an even canvas to work with. There are several different formulas available, making it possible to prepare any material, from wood to metal. Most primer is white or off-white, but tinted versions are also available. When selecting a primer, we recommend going with a reputable brand such as Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. Products by these paint manufacturers are well-known for their ability to smooth over imperfections and create a surface that binds to paint.

When to Use Primer

Primer is only necessary when you”™re painting a bare surface, such as new drywall, bare wood, metal, or plastic. It”™s usually not needed when you”™re touching up a surface that”™s already been painted, but it”™s helpful to prime again when you”™re aiming to correct smoke or water stains.

Why You Shouldn”™t Skip Primer

It”™s a common misconception that a second coat of paint can replace the role of primer. However, this isn”™t the case: in fact, skipping the crucial step of priming can have serious negative effects for the paint in the long run. When a good-quality primer isn”™t used, the paint will often oxidize, fail to properly bind to the wall, and will be more susceptible to cracking and peeling. If you”™re painting a wooden surface, lack of primer leads to unwanted issues like mildew, warping, and water damage.

Tips For Selecting the Right Primer

A properly applied paint job can last for years, especially if you choose a high-quality primer. However, you shouldn”™t use just any primer–be sure to take the material that you”™re painting into consideration, as well as the paint formula that you”™re using. For example, oil-based primer works best for exterior projects, and we like the Benjamin Moore primer for outdoor use. For interior projects, acrylic primers are generally a safe choice.

Priming is an essential step if you want to ensure that your paint job will withstand the test of time. Both interior and exterior painting projects require time, patience, and a skilled hand. If you”™d like to bypass the hard work and let professionals handle the process, our team can help. We”™ve provided Boulder homeowners with excellent results for 40 years, and we”™re confident that you”™ll love your home”™s makeover. We begin each project with a free color consultation, so please get in touch with our team when you”™re ready to find the perfect color(s) for your home or office.