Summer”™s lazy afternoons and warmly colored sunsets make it one of the best seasons in Colorado. Bringing the summer inside all year long is easier than you think, especially when partnering with professional painters in Boulder. If you”™re looking to spruce up your space with reflections of this bright season, give these summer paint colors a try.


Nothing says summertime quite like the eye-catching color of Marigold. This rich yellow hue will inject your space with energy and warmth. Since it”™s such a bold, powerful color, Marigold works great in bathrooms or on an accent wall. Pair with neutral shades, natural materials like deep wood, or even pops of cornflower blue and sage green so as not to overwhelm the eye.


This soothing color is reminiscent of a deep ocean with cool blue waves washing up on to shore. Indigo immediately invites a calming energy into the space and looks beautiful in bedrooms, sitting rooms, and other frequently occupied spaces. The regal shade also turns up the class and makes any space feel elegant.  


For a summer time in LA feel, implement light peachy paint color in big, naturally lit spaces. This feel-good color immediately elevates the mood of the room. Infuse bolder colors throughout the space for a vintage feel or decorate with natural materials like wood and marble. Want to keep the vibe carefree? Pair Sherwin-Williams Certain Peach with blues and corals.

Clay Tones

Think of warm terracotta pots sitting outside, soaking in the summer sun. Clay colored paints are reminiscent of desertscapes and scorched earth, immediately warming up the room. Perfect for a southwestern theme, clay tones don”™t overpower a room, but instead draw the neutral tones of the outside world into your space.

Crisp White

Ah, the classic feel of a pristinely painted white room. A fresh coat of white allows optimal interior design play but also inspires an open-minded, stress free space. There is no chaos or influence from color on the walls. Many may think white is sterile, but it can in fact brighten a previously dark room, creating an airy, open space. For a bohemian style, incorporate beautiful jungle green plants, natural materials like wood, wicker, or stone, and add pops of color where ever you see fit.

Livening up a space can be as simple as applying new paint color. These bright summer tones are great for reflecting Boulder”™s beautiful summer days. At Fordham and MacLean, we pride ourselves on offering superior service. We provide a free color consultation so you can ensure that Marigold fits just right in the sitting room. If you seek professional painters in Boulder, give us a call today.

(Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels)