Calming Interior Painting

Creating a calm space in your home can help facilitate relaxation, and meditation rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Boulder”™s residents are well-versed when it comes to practicing physical and spiritual exercises, including meditation. Consider designating a meditation area, nook, or room and foster feelings of relaxation through home interior painting.

Our homes are much more than boxes that store our personal possessions. They are sanctuaries to return to after long, stressful hours at the office. They provide a place of peace and refuge in an often-tumultuous world. Here are some of the best colors for your home”™s meditation room.

Shades of Sage and Forest Green

Meditation has long been recognized as a way to relieve stress, decrease tension, and boost moods. Green combines the playful overtones of yellows with the calming nature of blues. This natural color is reflective of nature and can make your space feel equal parts tranquil and uplifting. Add neutral toned floor cushions and indoor, potted plants to make this indoor haven feel like a forested sanctuary.

Off-White and Creams

Nothing helps facilitate a clear mind and inspire fresh ideas like crisp, off-white walls. Fresh, white paint allows the design aesthetic of the whole room to take on many different forms. Regardless of whether you desire a colorful, bohemian style or a modern, elegant look, off-white sets the tone for any preference.

Creams and shades of beige inspire warmth and coziness. Fluffy throws and comfy cushions can transform an unused space into a inviting meditation room. Sherwin William”™s Natural Linen provides a great backdrop for an ever-changing style. Not sure how you want to decorate your room? Creams and beiges give hints of character without overwhelming a space while you determine your interior furnishings.


If you crave something bolder than beige and more eccentric than green, lavender could be just the ticket. Its scent is often utilized in meditative and spa therapies for its calming purposes and the color has many similar effects.

As a marriage between the primary colors of blue and red, the energy of lavender is strong and steady. Deeper purples are known to trigger stress and anxiety, but lavender”™s chalky, muted hue promotes internal peace, making it the perfect shade for a meditation nook or room.

Watery Blues

Various shades of blue have been scientifically proven to lower heart rates and blood pressure, so it”™s no surprise that blue is an optimal color for a meditation room. Reminiscent of water and the sky, a watery blue, like Benjamin Moore”™s Morning Sky Blue, will infuse your space with gorgeous color but doesn”™t compete with other fixtures.

Having a quiet area to retreat to within your home can help relieve tension and reduce stress. Meditation is important to mental health and the right paint color can help set the tone from the second one enters the room.

Interior Painting Experts

Fordham & MacLean offers years of home interior painting experience and a free color consultation to ensure your meditation room turns out just how you imagined. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.

(Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash)