If you’re looking to spruce up your home without a lengthy, expensive construction overhaul, a fresh coat of paint is just the ticket. At Fordham & MacLean, we understand the desire for a home makeover and offer a free color consultation to help you decide which shades work best with your space. 

Explore A Variety of Paint Samples

When considering a color change for your home”™s interior or exterior façade, be sure to explore the myriad paint sample options available. Usually, homeowners choose color from a wall of swatches at a hardware store. While these big box stores do showcase multiple color variations, it’s often overwhelming, especially if the homeowner has no idea which color family they would like to go with. 

Selecting color swatches gets particularly tricky if your home already showcases captivating colors. During our free color consultation, our designer will consult on particularly complicated color decisions and pairing

Test the Color on the Walls

After selecting swatches, many home owners test the color by taping them to the walls they intend to paint. However, this method doesn”™t accurately reflect the color. Our free color consultation actually paints the color on your walls. We paint 2×2”™ squares and let you live with them for a few days to determine whether you like your choice. 

This method allows the color to embody its true nature on your home”™s interior or exterior. Often, a room”™s lighting or the wall”™s texture can make a color appear much darker or lighter than its swatch. We encourage home owners to select multiple colors and our experienced Boulder painters will apply each color in three varying shades.  

Time to Paint

After our free color consultation and once the homeowner has selected their desired color, our professional Boulder painters will give your home a color makeover. From start to finish, our painters provide exceptional service. We don”™t call a job finished until our client is completely satisfied. 

If you”™re considering a color change for your home”™s interior or exterior, give us a call. We”™d love to help you transform your home!