Interested in selling your Boulder home? It”™s important to showcase a property that stands apart from its neighbors but also fits the community”™s aesthetic and our city”™s lush natural surroundings. Boulder home painting of your interior and exterior will let your home shine and attract potential buyers. Here”™s how a fresh coat of paint can increase your home”™s appeal and resale value.

Up the Curb Appeal

First impressions are essential. Potential home buyers usually tour many homes before settling on one or two that they like. Make your home stand out to draw these interested buyers in. Curb appeal is important, and a fresh coat of home exterior paint can make your place look brand new. It”™s also a great way to bring your home up to current times without a lengthy, expensive construction overhaul.

Ensure Your Home Is On-Trend

Home remodel shows, HGTV, and interior design magazines frequently refresh their latest trends in home paint color. Giving your home a facelift with a fresh, crisp coat of paint can make your home appear much newer and will communicate to potential buyers that it has been well-loved and maintained. Settling for outdated paint color when listing your home could end up knocking thousands of dollars off the final sale price. 

Promotes a New, Clean Aesthetic

Playful kids, beloved dogs, and our constantly fluctuating Colorado weather do a number on a homeӪs interior and exterior. Cleaning your entire home will help attract buyers but hard to reach spots or overlooked corners are dirtӪs favorite hiding spots. A prospective home buyer will undoubtedly look much more closely at your walls, ceiling, and homeӪs fa̤ade than you do on a normal basis. Make sure there are no dirty finger print smudges, chipped paint, and paw prints by covering your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Inexpensive Upgrade that Goes a Long Way

With Boulder”™s hot real estate market, home sellers don”™t usually have to put in a ton of work to ensure their house will sell. However, they may be able to make much more for it with just a few tweaks. A bathroom update or a kitchen renovation takes time and costs a decent amount of money. Fresh whites, pale yellows, or calming blues can transform these highly trafficked rooms into the focal point of the whole home and make for better, more professional-looking photos to go with your home”™s online listing.

Boulder Home Painting

At Fordham & MacLean Painting, we want you to enjoy your home and get the most out of it. To our experienced painters, a little touch up can work wonders and go a long way, especially during a home sale. Our top-rated, Boulder home painting service can help turn your home from drab to fab and make you more money on the final sale price. Give us a call today for a free color consultation. We can”™t wait to show you what a little paint can do!

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