Paint color is one of the most significant aspects of interior design because it has the ability to greatly influence the atmosphere and energy of each room. The paint color of an office space also has the power to promote productivity and generate calming energies, depending on the color you choose. Fordham and Maclean”™s Boulder commercial painters offer superior services to help revamp your office”™s interior. Here, we share the best paint colors and their impacts on the office environment.

Warm, Sunny Yellows

Shades of yellow are often cited as having the potential to increase energy and boost moods. The bright disposition of yellow paint colors mimics the sun”™s morning rays and can help promote positive feelings amongst the staff. If your office lacks natural light, yellow can open up the space by reflecting the natural light that is present. This will foster an open, airier atmosphere that enlivens employees, possibly improving their performances.

Natural, Cool Blues

The color blue has long been touted as inspiring serenity and peace, both mentally and physically. Shades of blue are present throughout nature and by bringing these colors inside, the office becomes a place of tranquility instead of a stressful environment. Lighter blues can help create space while infusing a calming, serene energy. Deeper blues mimic the ocean and lakes, in turn offering comfort and peace like the waterscapes themselves often do.

Earthy Browns and Greens

These tones add subtle hints of color throughout the office space without increasing visual chaos or distracting the staff. Neutral, earth tones like sandy browns, mossy greens, and slate grays invite nature inside and breathe life into traditional office d̩cor. Conveniently, these colors are easy to pair with almost any aesthetic and work well across multiple industries. The office space will feel less like a sterile factory and more like a natural haven where staff can accomplish the dayӪs tasks, uninterrupted.

Reds as Accent Colors

In a sales focused environment, various shades of red can help inspire a courageous attitude. If your office has a designated sales department, consider painting one section of that area with a bright red. The color red has been proven to increase heart rates and blood pressure, which can be positive factors when attempting to reach sales goals. Select one wall or accent elements to boast the shade as too much red can increase stress and anxiety while just the right amount can prompt action and creativity ”” two essential elements of a successful sales team.

With a simple interior paint redesign, an office space can be totally transformed. Repaint your office”™s walls with specific colors to generate productivity, increase energy levels, and boost moods. Happy, healthy employees are the lifeblood of any company and ensuring they have a peaceful, comfortable office space is vital.

If you”™re interested in reinvigorating your office space, look no further than Fordham and Maclean. Our Boulder commercial painting services are unrivaled. We even offer a free color consultation to ensure you”™re happy with the color you selected. Give us a call today and we”™ll help makeover your office space.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels