Purchasing a house is exciting, but slightly stressful. A new home signals the beginning of a new chapter and holds within it a world of possibilities waiting to unfold. Revamping your new house doesn”™t require much money or time, but can be accomplished with a fresh coat of paint. Here are a few house painting tips to help homeowners revitalize their new space with trendy, eye-catching paint colors.

Plan the Paint Job  

Before starting any other paint-related task, determine which rooms you intend to paint and create a timeline in which to execute the work. Painting the interior of your home often requires moving furniture, leaving windows open to vent out noxious fumes, and steering clear of walls for days at a time while the paint completely dries. Choose a time to paint when you can devote multiple days to completing the project.

Choose the Best Color

Selecting an interior color for your home can be a daunting task, as there are so many options to choose from. Visualize your intended aesthetic and then take a trip to the hardware store to stock up on color swatches. Test these swatches against your current furniture, with other adjacent rooms, and consider the color as the room”™s natural light changes throughout the day. The interior paint color of your home truly has an impact on your home”™s overall appearance. It”™s crucial to choose paint colors that facilitate a seamless flow from room to room and that won”™t clash with current furnishings.

Prep the Interior

Tape off sections you do not want to paint. Ensure that crown molding, baseboards, and door trim are protected via plastic sheeting or painters”™ tape. Carefully edge the ceiling to keep your lines crisp and straight. Tarp the floor and cover vents, outlets, smoke detectors, etc. Move all furniture to the center of the room and cover to prevent staining from primer or paint splatters.

Once everything is taped off and protected, fill holes in the wall with spackling and sand down to a smooth, even finish. Then, wipe each wall with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.

Use the Right Tools

Cutting corners by using old or worn supplies may save money in the short term, but will make your home and its new paint job appear shabby in the long run. Purchase new supplies like rollers, paint trays, and brushes to ensure your hard work is properly displayed. Spending a little more money up front on high-quality paint from brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams will shave hours off the job. These paints cover better and offer smooth, even finishes.

Time to Paint Your Home”™s Interior

It”™s time to put the roller to the wall and start your new home”™s transformation. Be sure that the temperature of the room is not too cold, hot, or humid, as that can affect how paint adheres to walls and eventually dries. Be prepared to paint two coats and touch up uneven areas or missed spots along trim, molding, and doors.

Painting a new house helps remove previous owners”™ aesthetic while giving the home a makeover. However, it can also eat up precious time that new homeowners may prefer to dedicate to other tasks, like choosing new appliances or planning a housewarming party.

Our professional Boulder painters at Fordham & Maclean offer superior painting services. We are skilled at both interior and exterior house painting and love working with new homeowners to perfectly execute their design vision. We even offer a free color consultation to make sure you”™re satisfied with the colors you”™ve selected. Give us a call today and we”™ll help convert any new home into your personalized haven. 

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels