Upgrading the appearance of your home”™s exterior can add thousands of dollars to its market value and create a completely new look, without a hefty price tag. Homes undergo a fair amount of wear and tear, especially in Colorado. Extreme snowstorms, harsh summer heat, and the dry climate can take their tolls. An exterior paint job can last up to a decade, if done right. Ensure longevity of your home”™s next paint job by following the below tips and working with our premiere Boulder painting service. 

Prep the Home”™s Exterior

Many homeowners believe that a long-lasting, outstanding exterior paint job starts with the most obvious item, the paint. In fact, laying the groundwork for paint to apply perfectly is the most crucial step. 

Prep your home by washing the outside, trimming away shrubbery, scrapping off chipped paint, and masking trim, windows, and doors. More often than not, prepping a home for an exterior painting takes longer than the actual paint work. Skipping these vital preparatory steps will prevent an enduring paint job. 

Use High Quality Paint   

Selecting the correct paint can shave hours, or even days, off of a paint job. Companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore produce top-quality paints that blend well, apply evenly, and can withstand years of wear and tear. Choosing poorer quality paints also means that homeowners will undoubtedly need to apply a second, third, or even fourth coat to get cohesive, even coverage. Cheap paints usually don”™t last as long, either, and could mean your home is destined for another paint job in just a few years. 

Hire a Professional 

A homeowner may only paint their house a handful of times throughout ownership, whereas a professional has painted hundreds, or even thousands of home exteriors throughout a lengthy career. 

Painting the exterior of your home is no small task, and to do it right, involves multiple tools and various supplies. Saving these items until your next paint endeavor can eat up precious storage space and many homeowners find themselves buying new supplies with each job. Professional painters handle the set-up, supplies, and take down, leaving you with no mess to pick up and put away afterward. 

We also know the ins and outs of home exteriors. From masking doors and windows to clearing away debris, we handle it all so that you don”™t have to. Attempting to prep and paint your home”™s exterior may take an entire week, while a professional can get this accomplished in no time. 

Working with a professional Boulder painting service like Fordham and MacLean guarantees that your home will look its best and your paint job can last 8-10 years. We take pride in offering Boulder residents superb service, and even provide a free color consultation to ensure you”™re more than pleased with your selected shade(s). Contact us for a quote on your next home exterior paint job. 

Photo by Malte Lu from Pexels