Take your time considering a multitude of paint colors before painting the exterior of your home. While interior paint jobs are about showcasing style and tying a home”™s decor together, the outdoor paint color needs to protect your home, while putting its best foot forward. Here”™s what you need to know about selecting an exterior paint color for your home. 

Invest More on High-Quality Paints

The outside of a home sees plenty of wear and tear through its lifetime. Colorado”™s dramatic weather patterns can cause serious degradation to the exterior paint. High-quality paints in earthy shades are less likely to show dirt and debris, and the better quality offers more durability. 

Consider Permanent External Features

Depending on your home”™s architectural style, certain features may be more prominent than others. Colonials often feature large pillars, brick work, and wrought iron railings. Pairing a warm color with these elements can complement them, instead of clashing. 

The roof is one of the largest features of a home. Consider painting your home a balancing color like one within the same color family. Perhaps your roof is tin, terracotta, or uniquely tiled and you”™d like it to stand out. Choose a contrasting paint color that will help dramatically highlight the roof as a unique feature. 

Honor the Home”™s Location and History

Decide whether you want your home to blend with its natural surroundings or stand out from them. Mountain homes often select earthy, muted shades, like mossy greens or slate grays, so as to harmonize with nature. This helps the wild terrain seem unmarked by development and is courteous of neighbors who also want to maintain some semblance of solitude. 

Homes in Boulder”™s more historic neighborhoods often play with bright colors, like yellows and reds. Its Victorian style homes are painted in lively greens, soft purples, and even gumball pink. To restore your home to its historic condition, scrape away layers of paint to get an idea of former exterior paint selections. 

Request a Free Color Consultation 

When it comes to paint color selection, there”™s a world of possibility just waiting to be explored. However, making a final decision on your home”™s exterior paint color can take time and even become a bit daunting. At Fordham and MacLean, we appreciate the importance of taking your time to get the exterior paint color exactly right. That”™s why we offer a free color consultation. Select multiple colors and we”™ll paint sample swatches right on the exterior of your home so you can get a clear picture of how each color will look on the house. 

If you”™re considering updating your home”™s exterior paint color, we”™d love to help. Our professional Boulder painters are meticulous in nature and have years of experience painting Colorado homes. Contact us today for more information. 

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels