White paint is the unsung hero of the interior design world. White has the power to transform, wipe clean, provide a blank backdrop for other colors, patterns, and designs. Many homeowners overlook an interior or exterior paint job based around shades of white. However, consider this versatile paint color when planning your next redesign. Here are ways to harness the power of white paint throughout your home.

Introduce Pops of Color

Painting the interior of your home with shades of white can give the roomӪs aesthetic the space it needs. If you love bold patterns or enjoy bright colors, painting the walls of the living room or bedroom with color may create chaos instead of harmony. A white backdrop allows for experimentation with d̩cor. If you havenӪt decided on a theme or style, it may be wise to choose an uncomplicated shade of white and allow ideas to come as you live in the space. You wonӪt have to design around a strong color, but can instead play with fabrics and furnishings with ultimate freedom.

Paint an Accent Wall

Perhaps you have a favorite color you”™d enjoy using in your home, but the color may be overpowering on all the walls. An accent wall can really add energy to a space without overstimulating the senses. White paint on the three corresponding walls help the accent wall shine as the focal point. Similarly, with industrial style rooms, white can help accentuate brick, iron, or concrete features. Bright, cold colors often compete with architectural features, nullifying any unique beauty they provide, but white provides the perfect background.

Create Space

In particularly small rooms, white has the ability to open a space up and make it feel larger than it actually is. Similarly, in oddly shaped rooms, white can expand corners or nooks instead of closing off the awkward areas. Eggshell and satin finishes help give dimension to the final product, so the room doesn”™t feel flat, but instead shines with any hint of natural light.

It Never Goes Out of Style

2019 saw many paint color trends that offered unique ways to spruce up drab rooms. Navy, marigold, and pink are gorgeous additions to any space; however, they may eventually go out of style. White is a low-maintenance paint color that is never off-trend. For homeowners who don”™t wish to repaint every few years, white offers unwavering beauty and style.

White paint offers homeowners freedom to experiment with splashes of color and playful patterns. It also helps open up a space by reflecting natural light, making your small rooms feel expansive. Fordham and MacLean”™s experienced Boulder painters can help tackle your next home interior painting job. Contact us for more information.