Before embarking on a home renovation project, many homeowners first ask whether to attempt the undertaking themselves or hire professionals. While some home improvement projects can be tackled over the weekend with a few simple do-it-yourself hacks, there are other jobs that should be left to our talented Boulder painting service. Here are a few projects that can be accomplished by novice renovators, as well as two tasks that our pros should handle.

DIY: Update Hardware

Look around your home and you may see certain pieces of hardware that look worn and outdated. Handles, drawer pulls, sockets, and light switches are some of the most expended items in a home. Constant use can leave these items dull, faded, or loose. Moreover, many homeowners overlook their home”™s hardware since it”™s not a big-ticket renovation item. However, by replacing these elements throughout the house, you”™ll breathe new life into cabinets, vanities, and doors.

Kitchen and bathroom faucets may also benefit from an upgrade. If you can use a wrench and some plumber”™s putty, you can definitely swap out those cracked, outdated water knobs for more modern ones. While you”™re at it, install a new showerhead or bathtub faucet. This renovation takes only a few hours and your entire bathroom or kitchen will immediately shine.

PRO: Interior Painting

A home interior paint job contributes greatly to the overall aesthetic of your house. In fact, painting just one room is a lot more involved than many homeowners think. Taping off molding, doorways, light fixtures, and outlets must be done perfectly, or the job will look messy when finished. In addition, covering precious items and flooring is essential to keeping your house free from paint splatter or spills. Hire a professional Boulder painting company to conduct your interior paint job and you”™ll be extremely pleased with the results of a beautiful redone room. 

DIY: Tiling and Molding

Crown molding can immediately enhance a room”™s aesthetic, as can baseboards and decorative doorways. Select your desired molding from a local hardware store and cut accordingly. Installing molding is a little more time consuming than other DIY projects but it gives any home a serious facelift.

Retiling your bathroom or kitchen can also be accomplished over the course of a weekend. Rent a wet saw, purchase grout, and select your desired tile for the intended space. Retiling a backsplash, shower stall, or even bathroom floor is a straightforward process and mistakes can be easily corrected before the tiles set. 

PRO: Exterior Painting

Prepping the outside of a home is half the battle when preparing to take on home exterior painting. Most homeowners don”™t realize how much work goes into the job before paint ever touches the home. A quality professional Boulder painting service will spend just as much time, if not more, washing the outside of your home, scraping off chips, masking fixtures, and cleaning up when the job is finished. When tackled as a DIY project, painting the exterior of your home can extend well past the weekend. However, a top-rated professional painting service can complete the project quickly and efficiently. Leave this one to the pros.

Our professional Boulder painting service can help you tackle all of your home interior painting and exterior painting renovations. A skillfully applied coat of paint has transformative powers and can give your home the cost-effective, beautiful remodel you”™ve been dreaming of. If you”™re uncertain of which paint color you want, we offer a free color consultation to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information.