Whether you”™re planning to put your home on the market in the near future or you”™re hoping to stay for years to come, refreshing the kitchen with a new coat of paint can add value and beauty to the property. The kitchen design can make a noticeable difference in the atmosphere of the home, so it”™s crucial to select a color to set a positive tone for mealtime. Not sure which color to choose? Here, we share our favorite hues for kitchens.

Keep It Classic With White  

If youӪre considering listing your home in the coming weeks or months, we recommend staying away from adventurous color palettes. Potential buyers should be able to view the property as a clean slate, so neutral walls are usually your best bet. Even if youӪre not planning to sell anytime soon, those who gravitate toward classic styling will appreciate a crisp, clean white kitchen. This traditional color is an excellent choice if your space features large windows where natural light can filter in, and it also pairs well with bold or cheerful d̩cor.

Choose a Rosy Glow

Looking for a way to add a pop of personality to your home? The kitchen is a great place to experiment with unexpected colors, and rosy hues can create a warm, inviting environment for this gathering area. If you”™re not sure about painting the walls in red tones, try giving the cabinets a splash of crimson lacquer.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere With Pastels

The kitchen is one of the most commonly visited areas of a home, where you may enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or help the kids with homework in the afternoon. If you”™d like the space to be a soothing room where you feel at ease, explore the possibility of using pastels for the color palette. Pale blue is a lovely choice, and opting for this color may even increase the value of your home when you”™re ready to sell. For those who prefer uncommon shades, seafoam green or dandelion yellow are soft yet eye-catching options.

When you”™re ready for a change in the kitchen, a new coat of paint may be the most cost-efficient way to transform the area. If you”™re looking forward to renovating this important part of the home, reach out to an experienced team of professionals to help. We”™ve worked with Boulder homeowners for 40 years to deliver excellent results for interior and exterior projects, and we”™d love to help you achieve the ideal aesthetic for your kitchen, and beyond. Ready to start the process and receive a free color consultation?

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