There are numerous factors to consider when hiring a professional house painting company, but price shouldn”™t be the first. Sacrificing cost can lead to partnering with a sub-par painting service that underdelivers. Your home exterior painting should be impeccable and durable while the interior should complement the current aesthetic and not compromise the use of your space. An outstanding paint job also has the ability to add value. Here are some additional factors to consider when selecting a Boulder painting company. 

Interview Your Painter 

When inviting someone into your home to perform a job, it”™s okay to vet them first. Interview the company you”™d like to work with and ask pertinent questions about product selection, prep work, and clean up. Move forward only if the painter provides answers that you”™re comfortable with and that make you feel confident in his or her abilities. 

Choose a Painter with All Necessary Licensure and Insurance

Many homeowners don”™t realize that painting companies must have proper licensure in order to run a legitimate operation. Paint and the chemicals related to painting are toxic and must be used and disposed of correctly in order to keep operators, homeowners, and the community at large safe and healthy. Professional painting also involves the use of many tools and equipment that take experience and caution to operate. A state-issued license means that the painting company has filed all necessary paperwork and operates according to specific guidelines. Your painter and his or her crew will be working all around your property so it”™s vital that you make sure that they hold workers compensation and general liability insurance. 

Select a Painting Company that Performs Meticulous Prep Work

Prepping the interior or exterior of your home is often more time consuming than actually painting the area. It”™s crucial that you confirm your prospective painting company has a detailed prep process included in the cost of its painting service; thorough prep work will help your home”™s interior or exterior paint adhere evenly and last longer. Prep work also means masking off areas and protecting surfaces that the homeowner does not want painted. Be sure that the company you intend to work with takes care when masking and is willing to go the extra mile to protect treasured items within your home. 

Choose a Painting Company with Reasonable Prices 

If a painting company has low prices, that”™s a red flag. High-quality supplies cost money and a painter who pitches a low price is probably cutting corners somewhere. House painting takes time and is a labor-intensive job. Consider the cost you would spend purchasing supplies and performing the prep, painting, and clean-up yourself. Estimating costs prior can help you recognize when a price is reasonable, too low, or too high. 

At Fordham and MacLean, we take pride in our house painting services and offer high-quality work for a reasonable price. We won”™t scrimp on product and supplies or cut corners during the job to save on time. We see the project through, from start to finish, in order to deliver a superb paint job that offers joy to the home”™s residents and adds value to the property. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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