Looking for a cost-effective way to add beauty and value to your home? Treat your house to a makeover and invest in professional Boulder wall painting. If you”™d like to spruce up your property”™s interior but you”™re not enthused about a major overhaul, consider opting for a statement wall. An accent wall is a simple way to breathe new life into any room of the house and will create a natural focal point. Interested in incorporating a statement wall into your home? Here, we share inspiration to help you design an eye-catching accent wall.

Choose a Creative Location

A statement wall can make a big splash in any room of the house, so get creative when choosing the perfect location. While bold pops of color are often seen in the kitchen or living room, they”™re just as effective in other areas. A statement wall in an unexpected location has the power to make a room appear more spacious or hide flaws, so they”™re definitely worth considering. For example, if the entryway could use a little something extra, try visualizing the space with a fresh new color or texture. You may be surprised by the impact of a simple coat of paint!

Don”™t Be Afraid to Go Bold

While you may be hesitant to incorporate unusual hues into your home, rest assured that accent walls are the perfect way to express your bold side without overwhelming the space. Jewel tones are an excellent choice for statement walls, and we love the show-stopping Belize by Sherwin-Williams and rich Exotic Purple by Benjamin Moore. If you”™re not sure which color would best complement your home, don”™t hesitate to reach out to us for a free color consultation. We want you to feel confident in your choice and fall in love when you see the results.

Experiment with Texture

When you think of statement walls, your mind may immediately jump to bold shades. However, an accent wall can feature more than just color. Texture is an element that has the potential to take your statement wall to the next level. Painting techniques such as sponging, color washing, and strié will add depth and dimension to the room and complement your color choice.

A high-quality paint job is crucial in enhancing your home”™s appearance and boosting its value. When you”™re ready to shake things up by adding an accent wall, our experienced crew is here to help. We”™ve delivered unparalleled results for Boulder homeowners and businesses for more than 40 years and we”™d love to make your vision for your home a reality. We”™re happy to handle any job, whether that”™s interior painting, exterior painting, or commercial projects. If you”™d like to schedule your free color consultation before you move forward with Boulder wall painting, we”™re happy to help you find the perfect shade(s). Please get in touch with our team by giving us a call at 303-324-0561.